New Frequency for Kenya Channel and Qsat Updates

The new frequency for Kenya channels is 3776 R 5757. The frequency changed on on Intelsat 904 @ 60 degree East C band. Preferably 2.4 metres dish for the Intelsat 904 @ 60 degree East C band.

The channels are
1. K24 Kenya
2.Kiss TV Kenya
3. KBC Channel 1
4. QTV Kenya
5. NTV Kenya

Updates on QSAT
Qsat performs such functions as Powervu auto roll, My-Tv 16e africa channels, canal 22w and it also has tandberg auto roll solutions. The latest software release for qsat q23g  q26g and q28g is that it is currently opening my-tv channels on their new position 16e and its also currently opening canaplus channels on 22w. (Important notice: for you to have the chance to view either MyTv or Canal on your qsat, you must buy and loads spycam code after loading the latest software).

 You can also get the latest software for the qsat 23, 26 and 28 below:
Qsat  28  - 1512Combo_Q28G_MA_M_V8.10.89.000_20160929

Qsat 26 - 1512 Q26G_MA_V8.09.28_20160928 

Qsat 23 -  1512_Q23G _MA_STG3_V8.09.28_20160928



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