Free Channels on Multi TV (Ghana) KFM, Zango, Diamond, wise etc.

KFM TV has started transmission on Multi TV position, Astra 2F @ 28.2 degree East with frequency 11595 V 30000. KFM TV located at Republic of Ghana

On Multi TV/MBC position on Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East/ Badr 7 @ 26 degree East with frequency 10970 V 27500. There are channels you can get from this position.  The channels are very difficult to track on Multi TV position. If you are on Multi TV position, simply blindscan your decoder to get the channels. The channels include the following:
* Zongo TV
*Doxa TV
* Volta TV
*Guide TV
* Diamond TV
* Adinkra TV
* Wise TV
* Guide TV
* Lord J TV
* John 3-16 TV
* Channel 77 

Kwese Free Sports channel which normally show football league, Basket etc  is currently  free now without biss Key on Intelsat 20 @ 68.5 degree East with frequency 12634 V 16168. Kwese Sport located in Ghana
CNN a news channel which own by United State of America is free now on Astra 2E @ 28.2 degree East Ku band with frequency 12051 V 27500. The channels are :
* CNN Europe


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