Echorouk TV and other channels are now free on Yahsat 1A @ 52.5 degree East

Echorouk TV and other channels has started transmission on Yahsat 1A @ 52.5 degree East Ku band, Middle East/ North Africa beam with frequency 12130 H 27500. On this three channels Biss Key is required in order to watch them for free. If you are in North Africa/Middle East location, 90cm dish is require but for those who in Sub Sahara Africa, 1 meter dish and above will be okay for channels . For those who in Southern Africa 1.8 meters is needed to  access the channels. On this postion there some free channels also you can get, after you have added the frequency above then blind scan your decoder. 

The channels are :
1. Echorouk News
2. Echorouk TV
3. Echorouk Benna TV

Tac Media TV, MFM TV, GBS TV are also free on Azerspace 1/ Africasat 1A C band with frequency 3753 V 1437, 3833 V 1077. You can also get Bucuresti TV on Astra 5B @ 31.5 degree East Ku band. The channel is free now.


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