National Geographical, Latin America and Others Channels are Free

On SES 6 @ 40.5 degree west C band with frequency 4028 R 8000. The Latin America channels are temporary free n this position. The channels are: NTN 24 International, RCN Novelas, RCN Nuestra international and RCN Nuestra Tele.

On Starsat package on SES 5 @ 5 degree East Ku band with frequency 12380 H 27500, the National Geographical Channel is free on 5 degree East.  if u wish to track this channel, you can use 90cm dish to track the channel.
LMTV French have started  transmission on Eutelsat 16A @ 16 degree East Ku band. You can the channel on this frequency 11074 H 45000.


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