AIT in Nigeria are Back Transmission on Intelat 23 @ 53 Degree West (C Band)

Africa Independence Television (AIT) Abuja has started live transmission on Intelsat 23 @ 53 degree west C band with frequency 3999 L 2883.

AIT channel which stop transmission before, have back on the same position  Intelsat 23 @53 degree west C band.  Other television channels that available on the same position with AIT Abuja are:-
  1. AIT Lagos 
  2. NTA Feed
  3. Sportsmax
  4. Maisha TV
  5. Africable TV
  6. AIT National
  7. AIT Abuja
On the Eutelsat 7 @ 7 degree East with frequency 11667 V 30000, Two channels are free on this position,  the channels are BBC HD and Discovery HD

On the Hotbird 13C @ 13 degree East (ku) with frequency 10797 V 27500, six channels are temporary free. for those who in Africa, the channels are not receivable, is for only for Europe. The channels are :
  1. Orange Sports
  2. Vox Music
  3. CBS Drama
  4. BBC
  5. Hip Hop TV
  6. TVS TV.


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