BBC World, Big Magic HD, CCTV 4, CBS Sport and Echorouk TV are Free Channels on Asiasat 5@100.5 Degree East, Asiasat 7@105.5 Degree East, Chinasat 6A@125 Degree East

Two television channels  are free on Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 degree East  C band with frequency 3960 H 30000. The channels are: BBC world and Reuters News. You can only get the channels if you are on Asia Continent. This two channels are news station, for those who love news and what is going on through are the world. You get the international news, football new etc.

Reliance television network are now free on Asiasat 7 @ 105.5 degree East C band with frequency 3890 V 11838. These three channels are located on Asiasat, If you are in Asia continent, what you need is direct your dish to the postion and blindscan, these three channels will scan and added to channels lists on decoder. The channels are: Big Magic HD, Big Magic Punjab and Big Magic Gaurau.  

  This is another news channel which located at China, the channel is CCTV4 Asia which located on Chinasat 6A @ 125 degree East C band with frequency 3780 V 27500. The channels is free for now, for those who love the Asia news like China, Korea, etc you watch it on channel.

On Azerspace 1 @ 46 degree East Ku band, Europe beam with frequency 11135 H 27500, the five channels are free now. The channels are CBS Sports HD, ATV, Ictimai TV, XGzar TV and AZTV 1

On Eutelsat 7 @ 7 degree west, Ku band Middle East/North Africa with frequency 11602 H 27500 and 10921 V 27500, Seven channels has started transmission. The channels include:
  1. * HD1
  2. * HD 2
  3. * HD 3
  4. * Annajaf TV
  5. * Echorouk TV
  6. * Sojoud TV
  7. * Echorouk News


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